“You come here and really; it feels like home…..The Cinderella incineration toilet is just way simpler, especially compared to a composting toilet.” 

For many years Steve and Brigitte had a dream of owning an island cottage in Northern Ontario. In the Spring of 2020 that dream came true on Whitson Lake, Sudbury, Ontario. The cottage was what they always wanted, a place to relax and enjoy with family and friends.

As with every cottage this was no different in that it needed some upgrades plus a little TLC.

One of the biggest immediate needs was upgrading the waste solution. Being on an island usually means paying out tens of thousands to have a septic solution installed, digging a good size hole for an outhouse, or settling for a composting toilet.

In this case the property would not accommodate a septic due to its size and proximity to the water. The previous owner had started with an outhouse which later had to be decommissioned due to the rocky soil and having no where else to dig a big hole. From there they decided to install an RV toilet inside the cottage, that emptied into a holding tank they called the “blue honey wagon”. It sat below the cottage and after every weekend or when the tank filled up, they would disconnect it and take it on their boat to the mainland to dispose of the waste. Having owned an RV for many years, Steve and Brigitte were all to familiar with emptying out a black water tank and wanted nothing to do with that experience now that they had their dream cottage. At least in an RV you can drive it to the disposal area they said. Hauling the honey wagon full of waste to a disposal station was not something they wanted to spend time doing while on vacation.

So, Steve and Brigitte started researching composting toilets to find out how they worked and what kind of maintenance was involved. They soon realized that this was not what they wanted for their cottage or as Brigitte put it “Composting toilets are more complicate than we thought they would be”. Given the cooler climate in this part of the world, many do not realize that for many composting toilets models, the process of breaking down the waste only starts in the toilet and a lot of it happens after you dispose of it. The maintenance and user experience are much more involved when owning a composting toilet to ensure that there is no smell, and the waste stays dry so it can break down.

While continuing to investigate options for their newly purchased cottage, Brigitte’s brother asked if they had considered the Cinderella Eco incineration toilet yet. A waterless toilet solution for on and off the grid locations. Excited to find out there was another option they set out to learn more about these Cinderella incineration toilets. They quickly discovered that Cinderella Eco incineration toilets are a world class, environmentally friendly, complete waste solution made in Norway for the last 20 plus years and that Incinerating Toilets Inc. out of Ontario was running a contest. They knew right away that a Cinderella incineration toilet was the right solution for them, so Brigitte entered the ugliest outhouse contest. A couple weeks later after working tirelessly to get the most votes, they were declared the winners.

With the help of Kegel Heating and Cooling, the new solution was installed within a few hours. We followed up with Brigitte and Steve and this was their comment. “You come here and really; it feels like home…..The Cinderella incineration toilet is just way simpler, especially compared to a composting toilet.”

“It definitely will make it SO much easier and encouraging to come to camp (the cottage) for us and our guests and not have to worry about how to dispose of the waste from the tank or how to use the composting toilet.”