Cinderella Waterless Toilets in Canada

Cinderella Travel RV: Simplifying Full-Time RV Living

The Cinderella Travel RV is the perfect solution for waste management in RVs, motorhomes, tiny homes, and camper vans. Say goodbye to blackwater! Chris and Yailin, seasoned RV enthusiasts who embarked on a full-time RVing journey four years ago in their 2016 Winnebago 2351 DKS RV. Their adventurous spirits have taken them through the beautiful landscapes of Canada, the United States, Mexico, and even as far south as Guatemala. They've experienced a mix of dry camping and full hookups, and today, they're sharing their experience of transitioning from a composting toilet to the Cinderella Travel RV model, explaining how it [...]

How to Install a Cinderella Freedom Propane Incineration Toilet at an Off Grid Cottage Follow Daniel and the installation crew as they explore some things to keep in mind when planning your Cinderella incineration toilet installation. Specifically the Cinderella Freedom Model. Below are some of the questions we touch on throughout the video. What is covered in this video Why is this customer upgrading to a Cinderella Freedom propane model toilet? How much power is required to run the Cinderella Freedom Propane model toilet? Reviewing layout options. Other reasons for switching to a Cinderella incineration toilet. Things to consider when choosing the location for your Cinderella toilet. How far off the wall should [...]

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Can Cinderella Toilets Be Used Full Time in a Home? Marc and Stella had a composting toilet but it couldn't keep up, so they upgraded to a Cinderella Incineration Toilet. Watch their review after using it full time in their home. Some questions that we will cover in this video include: When did you first discover the Cinderella solution? How does the Cinderella incineration toilet differ from your composting toilet in terms of maintenance? What would you say to someone considering the Cinderella incineration toilet solution? How was the installation process? How does the seated experience compare to a regular toilet? How has the Cinderella toilet worked when having [...]

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Why these Island Cottagers said NO to a composting toilet and a septic system

“You come here and really; it feels like home…..The Cinderella incineration toilet is just way simpler, especially compared to a composting toilet.”  For many years Steve and Brigitte had a dream of owning an island cottage in Northern Ontario. In the Spring of 2020 that dream came true on Whitson Lake, Sudbury, Ontario. The cottage was what they always wanted, a place to relax and enjoy with family and friends. As with every cottage this was no different in that it needed some upgrades plus a little TLC. One of the biggest immediate needs was upgrading the waste [...]

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History of Cinderella Eco-friendly Waterless Toilets

Our goal is to provide the most environmentally friendly incinerating toilets on the market. proudly brings the Cinderella toilet brand to the Canadian and US market. Cinderella Toilet Founders | History Cinderella Eco Group AS is a family owned company located in the municipality of Midsund in Romsdal, Norway. With our 33 employees, Cinderella Eco Group AS has more than 16 years of experience in incineration toilet manufacturing and we provide an ecological, total solution for waste handling. Up until 2012, the Cinderella incineration toilet was available solely on the Scandinavian market, where we have over 65 000 units in the vacation [...]

Sustainable Toilets from Cinderella

Cinderella incineration toilets, market leaders in the Nordic region, are not only easy to install and operate, but they are also environmentally friendly. This is good to know for the environmentally conscious vacation home, caravan and motor home owners. Many toilets that are not hooked up to standard sewage systems require a great deal of space and demand quite a bit of waste-handling which often entails a long drawn out process of turning the waste into soil. Fluid removal is also a challenge, as the surplus of urine discharge into the soil may cause pollution of groundwater in areas where [...]

Taking Waste Management To New Heights

Construction life can present challenges, especially when working at heights of 254 meters. The everyday lives of workers at The Great Belt Bridge could have become a challenge had it not been for Cinderella. When the English workers from Spencer Group planned their mission to protect and maintain the main cables against rust on the Great Belt bridge that connects Denmark to Sweden, they were met with a challenge. In order to adhere to strict on-site safety measures, they needed to install toilet facilities at the bridge. Cinderella Eco Solution got the job, and set a new record - Denmark's [...]

Proud Sponsor of Johann Forfang

PROUD SPONSORS OF JOHANN FORFANGSport inspires enthusiasm and engagement. “By sponsoring our local ski jumping talent, Johann André Forfang, we are supporting growth and bringing pleasure to our many sports enthusiasts.” So says Plant Manager Frode Hansen at Cinderella Eco Group's factory. “Sponsoring Johann isn’t an incidental choice,” he adds. “We have employees who identify with much of what he does, not to mention that it is possible to come from relatively small and humble circumstances and succeed in the big world. Johann has shown us what is possible and we have done the same with our products.” Common [...]

Which toilet should I choose? The Comfort or The Classic?

When the market leading Cinderella Incineration Toilet was launched on the Norwegian market in 1999, many found their leisure life vastly improved. Not only are the toilets known for high quality, they also have great capacity. One of many advantages of incineration toilets, is that they work perfectly without water and sewage systems and with the Gas model, they can even be operated without electricity. “All of them provide approximately the same comfort as toilets at home,” says sales and market leader Thomas Krogedal. The Classic model is the first of Cinderella’s incineration toilets and it is still an option [...]

Cinderella Incinerating Toilets are taking Canada by storm

At the recent Spring Cottage Life Show in Ontario, Cinderella Eco Solution's Norwegian incineration technology paves the way towards achieving greater vacation home comfort in even the most remote places. The annual Spring Cottage Life Show in Toronto is a fair that attracts almost 40 000 visitors representing dual home owners from a higher household income bracket where over 600 exhibitors provide the ultimate in what the organizers call “one-stop shop for all things cottage-related.” “The perfect entry to the Canadian market", according to Global CEO Gunhild Sjøvik of Cinderella Eco Solution, Why Canada? "Canadian vacation and cottage home owners are [...]

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