Our goal is to provide the most environmentally friendly incinerating toilets on the market.

Incineratingtoilets.ca proudly brings the Cinderella toilet brand to the Canadian and US market.

Cinderella Toilet Founders | History

Cinderella Eco Group AS is a family owned company located in the municipality of Midsund in Romsdal, Norway. With our 33 employees, Cinderella Eco Group AS has more than 16 years of experience in incineration toilet manufacturing and we provide an ecological, total solution for waste handling.

Up until 2012, the Cinderella incineration toilet was available solely on the Scandinavian market, where we have over 65 000 units in the vacation home segment. Today, Cinderella has launched our products internationally, providing solutions both to the leisure home owners and the professional markets, among others pisciculture (feeding platforms in Scotland), crane manufacturers (crane cabins), railroad company, mining and construction – and construction industry (carts).

In addition to our dealers and representatives in Norway and Sweden, we also have distributors and representatives in place in Finland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, The United States and Canada with sister companies launched in Europe and Canada.

With our latest model, the Cinderella Motion, we have also created an innovative solution for the caravan and motorhome industry. This is an industry where getting rid of waste in accordance with laws and regulations is often a major challenge and requires careful planning. Our strategy combines modern technology with dedicated employees and thus we will always seek to set the standard for the optimal investment in first class, water-free, environmentally friendly toilet systems.

Cinderella Eco Group is dedicated to meeting global demands for environmentally friendly solutions that not only solve the needs of our consumers, but also provides technology and knowhow that can help solve the global challenges connected to poor sanitation. 

Cinderella is the natural choice for those with high standards of quality and functionality.