Not everyone has access to electricity in their vacation homes. When you seek a rustic way of life in more remote places, it’s good to know that there are toilet systems that can operate without electricity such as the Cinderella Gas.

Cinderella Gas is a propane powered toilet that burns biological waste at high temperature down to a minimal amount of ash. The model is based on the high-quality Cinderella Classic, but it uses propane as an energy source instead of electricity. That means Cinderella Gas can be used in all areas where access to 230V is limited or absent, a distinct advantage for many vacation home owners, including Anders Heyerdahl from Bærum, Norway.

From nightmare to dream

Having bought a Swedish gas toilet that caught fire in 2005, Anders Heyerdahl ended up building an old-fashioned outhouse. It was not the plan and not a solution he was happy with. So, in 2008 he decided to invest in a toilet he could rely on. That same year he learned about the Cinderella Gas.

Full functional even at 29 degrees C below zero

“My first meeting with my very first Cinderella started out extremely well. You could say that I was happily surprised. But when winter came, the toilet began to fail. I contacted Cinderella and the toilet was sent to their service workshop. Fortunately, it turned out that all it needed was a minor electronic adjustment. The toilet functioned poorly to begin with because the air is a little thin at 1,000 meters’ altitude where my cottage is located. After the adjustment, I haven’t had any further problems,” says a satisfied Heyerdahl and adds: “I must admit that I was a bit anxious when the thermometer showed minus 29 degrees Celsius, but it turned out that there was no cause for concern. It was full ignition even though I only have a 12V battery with a small solar panel.”

Today the outhouse has been turned into a woodshed and Anders Heyerdahl is the happy owner of two Cinderella, one for gas and the other for electricity.

“Cinderella is a top product!” Heyerdahl concludes.