Follow four steps for a successful installation of your Cinderella incinceration toilet!

Cinderella incineration toilets are easy to install, and many of our customers elect to handle the installation themselves. Please study the installation manual delivered with the toilet, carefully, and make sure you have the necessary tools at hand to ensure a proper installation. If you are in doubt whether the installation can be done as described in the enclosed manuals, you should consult the dealer you bought the product from, or contact us, the manufacturer, directly.


Select a location for the toilet

Cinderella is approved for use in wet rooms (IP34) and may be installed in rooms without heating. It is not necessary to attach the toilet to the floor. Air is supplied to the toilet through ventilation openings below the toilet. The foundation must be hard and level – not carpeted. Cinderella may be installed on a heated floor. There are no minimum distance requirements with regard to installation near flammable materials.

Make sure there is a good supply of fresh air to the toilet room

The toilet unit will extract air from the toilet room. If the room is not equipped with an air vent, a new vent should be installed as close to the toilet as possible. The vent must be well dimensioned (at least Ø 160mm / 201cm2). The best location is in the wall or floor directly below the toilet. (This only applies to the CLASSIC and GAS models – the Comfort model has a separate ventilation pipe for air supply to the toilet.)

Install the ventilation outlet pipe, vertical pipe and chimney top

Ventilation pipes may be installed in several ways, depending on whether you are feeding them through the wall or directly up through the roof. The ideal installation is to go straight up from the T-bend, without bend, and ending up above a roof where the ventilation fan will be assisted by the chimney effect. Smooth pipes of minimum 110mm diameter must be used everywhere. Do not use flexible pipes or smaller dimensions. Do not install any external fans for the outlet air pipe. Any external fans installed for the outlet air pipe will disturb the toilet’s airflow balance. Make sure that the roof feed-through is in compliance with building regulations. If you are unsure, contact a professional.

Connect the toilet to a power supply and the ventilation pipe

For the Classic and Comfort models, connect the toilet to the mains supply by plugging the power cable into an earthed wall socket (at least 10A). Connect Cinderella Gas to a 12V power supply with a dedicated cable to the battery installation.