Follow Daniel and the installation crew as they explore some things to keep in mind when planning your Cinderella incineration toilet installation. Specifically the Cinderella Freedom Model.

Below are some of the questions we touch on throughout the video.

  1. What is covered in this video
  2. Why is this customer upgrading to a Cinderella Freedom propane model toilet?
  3. How much power is required to run the Cinderella Freedom Propane model toilet?
  4. Reviewing layout options.
  5. Other reasons for switching to a Cinderella incineration toilet.
  6. Things to consider when choosing the location for your Cinderella toilet.
  7. How far off the wall should the Cinderella Freedom toilet be installed?
  8. Installing a Cinderella incineration toilet on your own?
  9. Venting considerations from the outside.
  10. How much propane does the Cinderella Freedom model consume?
  11. Can install my propane tank indoors?
  12. How loud is the fan?

For more information, including the installation manual, on the Cinderella Freedom propane model waterless toilet head to