The Cinderella Travel RV is the perfect solution for waste management in RVs, motorhomes, tiny homes, and camper vans. Say goodbye to blackwater!

Meet Chris and Yailin, seasoned RV enthusiasts who embarked on a full-time RVing journey four years ago in their 2016 Winnebago 2351 DKS RV. Their adventurous spirits have taken them through the beautiful landscapes of Canada, the United States, Mexico, and even as far south as Guatemala. They’ve experienced a mix of dry camping and full hookups, and today, they’re sharing their experience of transitioning from a composting toilet to the Cinderella Travel RV model, explaining how it has simplified their lives on the road.

5 Reasons to ditch their composting toilet

For the first two years of their RV journey, Chris and Yailin used a composting toilet. While preferable to a regular toilet, they encountered several limitations with it that made them seek a more practical solution.

  1. Medium Requirement: The composting toilet required a specific medium, typically Coco Coir, to function correctly, which meant they always had to have a supply on hand.
  2. Frequent Solid Waste Cleanup: Solid waste needed to be cleaned out every week or so, creating a challenge in deciding where to dispose of it.
  3. Daily Liquid Waste Management: Liquid waste required daily attention, which often led to unpleasant experiences and planning their travel around the toilet’s maintenance.
  4. Limited Cleaning Options: Cleaning the composting toilet proved challenging because Coco Coir is not meant to interact with cleaning products.
  5. Misconception of Composting: Perhaps most surprisingly, they realized that a composting toilet doesn’t truly compost; it merely separates liquid from solid waste to reduce odor.

5 Reasons they switched to the Cinderella Travel RV Incinerating Toilet

Two years ago, Chris and Yailin decided to switch to the Cinderella Travel RV model, and the difference in their RVing experience has been remarkable.

  1. Modern Aesthetics: The Cinderella’s sleek and modern design instantly enhanced the look of their RV bathroom.
  2. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning the Cinderella was a breeze; a simple wipe-down sufficed to keep it in pristine condition.
  3. Improved Dry Camping: The Cinderella’s use of propane for incineration made dry camping a more enjoyable experience. Propane is readily available and eliminates the need to search for black water dumping facilities.
  4. Easier Emptying: The ash container in the Cinderella only needs emptying every two weeks, and they could dispose of it almost anywhere, eliminating the need to plan maintenance into their travel schedule.
  5. Reduced stress: The Cinderella’s efficiency saved them time and reduced the stress of constantly managing waste.

The Cinderella revolutionized Chris and Yailin’s RVing experience by providing a modern, efficient, and eco-friendly solution to their waste management needs. The transition from a composting toilet to the Cinderella has not only made their life on the road more comfortable, but also aligned with their goal of minimizing maintenance while maximizing the joy of RV travel.

If you’re an RV or motorhome enthusiast looking to simplify your life on the road, the Cinderella Travel RV model may be the solution you’ve been searching for. This solution has been around in Scandinavia for many years and was just recently, in July 2023, released and certified for North American RVs.