Cinderella Unisex Urinal is a waterless toilet solution specifically designed for urination. It is a perfect companion to Cinderella incineration toilets. The urine is discharged to a suitable receptacle such as a sand filter or a collection tank. The urinal is waterless and 100% odorless.

Cinderella Urinal is easy to install, and you can choose whether to run the drain pipe through the floor or wall. It uses a 1 1/2″ drain pipe to a suitable receptacle. The urinal is mounted using screws or silicone. When Cinderella Urinal is mounted and the drain pipes are connected, the toilet is ready for use.

Cinderella Urinal is a unisex model and is only used for urination. Cinderella Urinal is equipped with an odor barrier, preventing undesirable odors inside the toilet room. The solution does not require a barrier liquid, and is therefore always frost proof.

To be clear the Cinderella incineration toilets, Comfort and Freedom models are designed to handle urine. The Cinderella Urinal is an easy way to increase the capacity of the incineration toilet while reducing the consumption of bowl liners and propane or electricity use.