We provide a solution that will solve many building and construction waste management problems.

The professional interest in Cinderella Incineration Toilets is growing worldwide. Some of the solutions we provide are for the pisciculture market (feeding platforms in Scotland), crane manufacturers (crane cabins), railroad companies, mining and construction – and construction industry (carts)

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Taking waste management to new heights

Construction life can present challenges, especially when working at heights of 254 meters. The everyday lives of workers at The Great Belt Bridge could have become a challenge had it not been for Cinderella.

When the English workers from Spencer Group planned their mission to protect and maintain the main cables against rust on the Great Belt bridge that connects Denmark to Sweden, they were met with a challenge. In order to adhere to strict on-site safety measures, they needed to install toilet facilities at the bridge. Cinderella Eco Solution got the job, and set a new record – Denmark’s and maybe even the world’s most elevated toilet. 

“It’s not every day we work at such heights, so this has been both exciting and fun,” says sales and marketing manager Thomas Krogedal in Cinderella. 

During maintenance work on the 254-meter high towers, a “cable creep” was mounted which transported the workers up and down the bridge’s main cables. Restrooms on top of bridge tower spared the workers unnecessary trips up and down and this ensured efficiency and the workers’ safety.

“It quickly becomes a daunting affair when you consider a stop to the toilet involves 254 meters!” says Krogedal.

The maintenance works on bridge will shortly be completed and the restrooms will be transported back down, “But we are ready to set new records and reach greater heights,” concludes Thomas Krogedal.