PROUD SPONSORS OF JOHANN FORFANGSport inspires enthusiasm and engagement. “By sponsoring our local ski jumping talent, Johann André Forfang, we are supporting growth and bringing pleasure to our many sports enthusiasts.”

So says Plant Manager Frode Hansen at Cinderella Eco Group’s factory. “Sponsoring Johann isn’t an incidental choice,” he adds. “We have employees who identify with much of what he does, not to mention that it is possible to come from relatively small and humble circumstances and succeed in the big world. Johann has shown us what is possible and we have done the same with our products.”

Sponsors of Johann Forfang

Common values

According to Hansen, Cinderella has supported Johann since he was 14 years old. This support has increased considerably in recent years, relative to the local star’s results. “We have strengthened our cooperation because we like the values ​Johann represent. He is hardworking, purposeful and incredibly talented. It’s easy for us to identify ourselves with him and vice versa.”

“We are overjoyed with all his good results in recent competitions, Cinderella Eco Group are quite simply proud sponsors who will continue to cheer this local talent on. Read more about Johann on his webpage.

Photo: Scanpix

Team Cinderella