When the market leading Cinderella Incineration Toilet was launched on the Norwegian market in 1999, many found their leisure life vastly improved. Not only are the toilets known for high quality, they also have great capacity.

One of many advantages of incineration toilets, is that they work perfectly without water and sewage systems and with the Gas model, they can even be operated without electricity.

“All of them provide approximately the same comfort as toilets at home,” says sales and market leader Thomas Krogedal.

The Classic model is the first of Cinderella’s incineration toilets and it is still an option many prefer, but after research and adaptations based on feedback from the market, a new and improved model was launched: the Cinderella Comfort. This incineration toilet has raised the bar even further.

“We named it Comfort because it entails a substantially better indoor air quality than with the traditional incineration models,” Krogedal explains.  All air for the incineration process is taken from the outside of the home through separate pipes.

“Cinderella Comfort is the most efficient and hygienic incineration toilet we have on the market today,” says Krogedal, adding: “Another benefit of Cinderella Comfort is that it comes with an information display. This provides continuous information on the use of the toilet and will also alert the user when to empty the ash tray.” Operating display messages can be set in seven different language.

Krogedal points out that regardless if you choose the Classic or the Comfort, you get a toilet for your vacation home with very many advantages.

“Both models are easy to install, they are suitable for cold areas, childproof, NEMKO approved and CE marked and with a three-year warranty. We also have a service network available internationally.

All incineration toilets from Cinderella Eco Solution follow strict environmental standards, with bacteria-free ash as only the final product. The ashes are full of biodegradable nutrients that can be used as fertilizer in your garden.