Where can I install my Incineration Toilet?

You can install your incineration toilet in: Your Home Cottage Cottages with no Winter Water Garage Boathouse Bunkie Building/Construction Site Basement Outhouse Portable Washroom Pool House Mining Industry Hunting Camps Fish Huts Tiny Houses Off Grid Cabin

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What is the procedure when you have lots of house guests?

It is highly recommended to “preheat” your Cinderella Incineration Toilet. To do this, all you have to do is lift the lid, close the lid and press the incineration button. This will start a dry incineration cycle and will bring the unit up to temperature. This will ensure the toilet is up to temperature to use it for multiple guests per hour.

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Can the toilet models available in Canada be installed in a RV home?

No, the current models available in Canada are not certified for use in a RV home. Cinderella has a new model called, Cinderella Motion that is specifically designed for RV homes. It will be approved for use in Canada within the next year or two. It should be noted that the current available models are a perfect fit for Tiny homes as they do not have the same requirements as an RV home.

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Why choose a Cinderella toilet over others?

Quality, Safety and Efficiency. Cinderella takes all three areas very seriously and do not compromise in any of them. This has been proven over and over through the years, not only by their own track record of serving their customers well for a couple decades but through the different awards received when their products have been put to the test against others.

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Could the Comfort model’s ventilation system experience condensation in colder climates?

The enclosed ventilation system is designed in a way that could experience condensation when the outside temperature is significantly lower than the air inside the room. It is therefore crucial to ensure proper venting of the room specially in the case where the room is used for bathing, showering etc. Exhaust fan will only conflict with Classic and Propane models as the Comfort is a two-pipe system and will not be affected by exhaust fans. We recommend the Comfort model for colder climate areas.

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