Europe’s largest test center, the Swedish Testfakta, conducted the first consumer test of incineration toilets in 2014 and then again in 2018. Both times, Cinderella Comfort was named best in test due to its reliable and efficient incineration of biological waste.

Since Cinderella has won these awards each time incineration toilets have been tested, Cinderella Eco Group has proudly been able to demonstrate that our high quality is to be trusted.

Cinderella has over 65,000 toilets on the market, setting the highest standards for comfort, convenience, quality and capacity.

“This test and others like it, confirm that taking our customer needs seriously and constantly looking to find new environmentally friendly ways to handle waste, is a wise strategy to work towards.” explains Communications Manager at Cinderella, Thomas Krogedal.

“Through extensive contact with clients over many years, we have operated with continuous product improvements, evolving new environmentally friendly incineration toilets, which are easy to operate and easy to install and which provide solutions in even the most remote locations”, Krogedal concludes.

The testing process:

About Testfakta:

Testfakta Sweden is one of the Nordic region’s largest test and research facilities, specializing in laboratory testing and user efficiency reporting of consumer products. All tests are conducted in certified testing and research laboratories adhering to tailored testing technologies specified by each product. The results are determined by Testfakta in cooperation with the laboratories and independent experts in each field.