It’s easy to install the Cinderella yourself

Follow four steps for a successful installation of your Cinderella incinceration toilet! Cinderella incineration toilets are easy to install, and many of our customers elect to handle the installation themselves. Please study the installation manual delivered with the toilet, carefully, and make sure you have the necessary tools at hand to ensure a proper installation. If you are in doubt whether the installation can be done as described in the enclosed manuals, you should consult the dealer you bought the product from, or contact us, the manufacturer, directly. GENERALLY SPEAKING, THERE ARE 4 MAIN STEPS IN THE PROPER INSTALLATION OF [...]

Life’s A Gas With Cinderella

Not everyone has access to electricity in their vacation homes. When you seek a rustic way of life in more remote places, it’s good to know that there are toilet systems that can operate without electricity such as the Cinderella Gas. Cinderella Gas is a propane powered toilet that burns biological waste at high temperature down to a minimal amount of ash. The model is based on the high-quality Cinderella Classic, but it uses propane as an energy source instead of electricity. That means Cinderella Gas can be used in all areas where access to 230V is limited or absent, [...]


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